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Secure, Encrypted Cloud Backups

Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd in partnership with IronTree Internet Services CC, has the most reliable and secure backup system available for you.

RedStore Backup software is the worlds leading backup software and is trusted world wide.

Your data is one of the most important asset’s of your business in the Digital era.

How secure are Irontree’s services?

Extremely. Not even Irontree’s staff has access to your Encryption key or Encryption Password. It is all automated through their systems.

With Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd and IronTree Internet Services CC securing your data, we will make sure your data is safe.

How does the system work?

Your data is encrypted before it leaves you computer. This encryption is unbreakable. The backup encryption technology is Military Grade, AES 256 encryption.

When your data is securely transmitted to Irontree’s servers it is already secure and stored securely.

Then your data is replicated across multiple storage servers to ensure reliability for restoring your backups.

When you loose your data, the RedStore Backup Software can be loaded easily and your data restored on any PC or MAC.

RedStore Backup Software can also be password protected, disallowing the computer user to make changes to the system. An email is sent for every backup to the client as well as to Irontree to be monitored for Backup Failures.

Archiving Service

Data Security and Backups

Securing you Computers against Ransomware and Viruses

This has been one of the most difficult tasks for most Anti Virus Companies.

Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd in partnership with Panda Security have this problem solved. Panda Security’s Advanced 360 Product was the ONLY anti virus system that blocked the first initial Ransomware attack, without knowing that the file was a virus.

All other product could not stop the first Ransomware attacks when they appeared a couple of years ago.

The reason behind this, is that once your Computer is in Lock Mode, All unknown software, virus attachments will be blocked and quarantined. This allows your employees to have the freedom to open documents and e-mails without the risk of being infected and causing delays to your business continuity.

Tamper Proof Archiving of Email accounts

While there are a hundreds of new ways for people to communicate, email is still a pillar in every business’ communication strategy. Your information is stored safely and you can access it from anywhere. Send and receive mails, share your calendar and organise appointments from wherever you are from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Use virtually any mail client to connect to your mailbox and take advantage of a host of email features.

Features of Hosted Premium Email

✔ Mailbox size - 100GB

✔ All in one, easy-to-use cloud platform

✔ 10 year, tamper-proof archiving

✔ Outlook Compatible (IMAP)

✔ Mobile Sync (Active SYNC)

✔ Easy to setup

✔ Anti-virus

✔ Anti-spam

✔ Anti-Phishing

✔ Identity Theft Protection

   ✔ Month-to-month contract