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Vuma Uncapped Fibre Promotion

Terms & Conditions

This promotion starts on 25 February 2020 and is a limited promotion that may be stopped at any time. This promotion only applies to the uncapped fibre product as seen on our website. This promotion includes: A reduced Installation and Connection Fee, clients only pay R999.00 and a Free Router.

Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd will subsidise the standard installation and or connection/activation fees of a new installation on behalf of our client, clients will pay a reduced fee of R999.00. This amount does not include any fees due where additional installation/trenching charges apply.

Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd will provide the client with a free fibre router valued at up to R799.00, the make and model thereof is determined at Hennie's Computers (PTY) Ltd' discretion. The delivery of the router will be charged at R249.00.

Should the service be set to cancel or transfer to another ISP within 6 months of the activation date a cancellation fee of R999.00 will become payable before the cancellation is processed together with a calendar months' notice. Should the monthly payment for the service fall into arrears the service will be cancelled and the cancellation fee of R999.00 will automatically be billed to the clients account.

Downgrades to a smaller package/service/speed from what was originally purchased will not be permitted within 6 months of the activation date.

If the Fibre Line cannot be installed or the installation/activation is cancelled the client will have the option of purchasing the router or returning it to us in its original packaging and condition. In cases where the installation/activation has been cancelled by the client, the collection costs will be for the clients account.

This Promotion excludes Pre-Orders. This Promotion includes Resellers/Business Partners as of 3 March 2020. Purchases on this Promotion are limited to 3 per profile/individual (does not apply to Resellers/Business. Partners).